June 2017

Workforce Housing Solutions

Thom Amdur: New Developments, The housing donut hole

David A. Smith: The Guru Is In, The missing actor in workforce housing

Scott Beyer: Housing USA, Seattle: The return of the micro apartment

Talking Heads: Eric Enderlin
New York City Housing Development Corporation44,000 workforce units

Colleagues & Neighbors
A brief history of workforce housing in America

Why Artist Housing?
Its role in your community

Combatting High Rents
Demand or supply—which strategy best tackles the problem?

Middle-Income Housing…Really!
Winn and MassHousing find a workforce solution

Low Income Housing Tax Credit 

Ernst & Young Corporate Tax Credit Fund Watch 

Historic Tax Credits

Rosenwald Court Reborn
Former home of Nat King Cole and  Joe Louis saved from the wrecking ball

Other Columns

Marty Bell: Blueprint for June, Community